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Program Vision: Our vision is to cultivate a high school football program that goes beyond the game, focusing on the holistic development of each student-athlete. We strive to nurture not only skilled players on the field but also principled individuals off the field, who are prepared to be exemplary future husbands, fathers, and friends. Our commitment is to provide an environment that fosters personal growth, teamwork, and community involvement, shaping athletes who excel in all aspects of life.

Mission Statement: The mission of our football program is to develop well-rounded student-athletes by offering unparalleled player experiences and expert player development. We are dedicated to teaching our athletes the importance of leadership, integrity, and responsibility, ensuring they become valuable members of society. Our comprehensive approach emphasizes academic success, athletic excellence, and character development, preparing our athletes for the challenges of the future



Believe in your self, your teammates and coaches ability on and off the field. 



Pursue what is right no matter the circumstance



You are the Thermostat not the Thermometer, you control your attitude and effort daily.



Be mentally and physically tough! Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. 

Family and Faith


At the heart of Coach Allen's life are his beautiful marriage, his children Jaiden, Raelynn and Olivia, and a steadfast faith in God. These pillars have not only supported him through various challenges but have also shaped his approach to coaching and life. Coach Allen and his family share a close bond, grounded in love and shared values, which he extends into his coaching philosophy.


Education and Background


Coach Allen's academic journey took him to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, a private Christian University in Belton, Texas, where he earned both his Bachelor's degree and a Masters of Education in Sports Administration. His thirst for knowledge and self-improvement didn't stop there, as he also holds an Education Specialist degree from Valdosta State University. 


Military Service


Before embarking on his coaching career, Coach Allen served in the United States Army, enlisting in 2012. His deployment to Afghanistan in 2014-15 not only tested his mettle but also endowed him with invaluable traits such as attention to detail, discipline, loyalty, and the ability to demand and expect the best from those he leads. Returning home as a combat veteran, he carried these qualities into his coaching career.


Coaching Career


Marking his first year as the Head Coach at South Paulding High School, Coach Allen brings over 8 years of diverse coaching experience to the table. His journey through the ranks includes pivotal roles at 5A-8A schools across Texas, Florida, and Georgia. As the Offensive Coordinator at Pebblebrook High School, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and technical skills.

along with an offense that amassed 3,000 + Yards a season for 3 consecutive years. 

Qualifications and Approach


Coach Allen holds prestigious certifications such as the USAW L1, High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (HSSCS), and Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC). His approach to coaching is energetic, disciplined, and detail-oriented, thriving in a fast-paced work environment and valuing the essence of teamwork.


As Coach Allen steps into his role at South Paulding High School, he is poised to make a significant impact, guided by his experience, values, and unwavering dedication. His story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of faith and family, and the profound influence a committed coach can have on his team and community. Join us in supporting Coach Allen as he embarks on this new chapter, inspiring excellence on and off the field.


Welcome to the dedicated section of our website where you can explore the professional credentials of Head Coach Maurice Allen. Here, you will find a detailed PDF of Maurice Allen’s resume, showcasing his extensive coaching experience and achievements. Additionally, a compelling recommendation letter is available, highlighting his effectiveness and the positive impact he has made in his field, as vouched for by peers and superiors. Also included is a document that details Maurice Allen’s offensive philosophy, providing insight into his strategic thinking and methodologies aimed at enhancing team performance. Together, these resources offer a comprehensive view of his expertise and strategic approach to coaching.




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